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Pax Nomari is a city-state that, as a result of a millenium-long war between its original inhabitants, the Nomari, and the rest of the countries and cultues on the continent. Originally inhabiting enough land for a few small towns or one large city, Pax Nomari used its magical, military and diplomatic superiority to assimilate the rest of C’Ettainto its culture, and eventually into the confines of the ever-sprawling city.

Pax Nomari has covered the entirety of C’Etta for a millenium of peace, a historic marker celebrated with an entire year of jubilation.

The Nomari were so skillfull at war and assimilative governing, that most vanquised countries felt little animosity. A moderate annual tributary tax was assessed on conqured cultures, but most everything else stayed in tact. Every country would be given Nomari coinage as its currency, tarriff-free trade existed within the city, and Pax Nomari would even begin settling areas decimated by war with more Nomari settlers. As long as the general laws and rules of Pax Nomari, the losing countries were allowed to keep their own customs and forms of government. However, as diplomatic as the Nomari could be, those conquered were always considered to be territories and second-tier peoples until full assimilation was accepted.

At the current times all but five territories of the city (and the free isle of Dray) have officially accepted full assimilation. At first, the conquered countries found little of their life had changed. However, as more of their lands were flooded with a seemingly endless supply of new Nomari settlers, the Pax Nomari way became dominant. Soon the vanquised cultures (mostly with the same structure of government as before the war) found themselves awash in Nomari and their sympathizers. Generations, even centuries, after their ancestors had died defending their country in a valiant, losing effort, countries agreed to give up their independent identities and join The City.

These new city-states would be assimilated into the Pax Nomari governing structure, with all former governing bodies left as mere ceremonial pieces. Kings and Despots became mere showpieces as the Pax Nomari bureacracy took a firm hold of its newest aquisitions. Gone also were the pantheons and beliefs of the newest city residents, replaced with a single God, and its corresponding temples, clerics, and cultural influence. (For more information on the role of religion in Pax Nomari see Pantheon)

As part of the assimilation process, the Nomari would have their own archeticts (men skilled in the arts of magical construction) tear down old infrastructure, and replace it with a style more reflective of the Nomari way. Simple wood and brick buildings and temples found their replacements in ornate columns, gaudy statues, and giant cathedrals, all composed of stone only produced by the Nomari.

The people who were officialy adopted by Pax Nomari no longer had to pay the annual tribute, and even though the burden wasn’t too harsh, the removal (coupled with a single currency and free trade) created an instant economic boom. Such prosperity only fueled other cities, states, and countries to abidcate in favor of Pax Nomari.


Pax Nomari Over-View

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