Passage of Jewels

The Passage of Jewels is the name given to a semi-natural staircase that decends into the depths of the UnderDark, known in Nomari as T’ra Penitus. The Passage of Jewels is only one of many entrances to T’ra Penitus and is located deep within an insignificant cavern inside the Face of Stone, near Tyr.

Knowledge of the actual entrance to The Passage of Jewels was only recently verfied by a party of mixed-race adventurers who were led to the location by SteveChet, Loremaster of Tyr. SteveChet was able to garner the location after a lifetime of study and a tome found by such accident, it could only have been deliberate.

The actual entrance to the The Passage of Jewels is located within a small chamber about a two days journey from the entrance at the Face of Stone. Upon confirmation, Loremaster SteveChet returned to Tyr to chronicle the trip in detail.

The door to the chamber entrance is hidden within the rock face, and takes a keen eye to locate. Once found, it appears to be a shimmering black, semi-opaque door that is lined with rock to conceal it within the cavern walls. As recently re-discovered, upon entry to the chamber, the stone face immediately re-assembles, leaving it once more to the luck and skill of adventurers to find.

The purpose of this chamber is unknown, and recently was found to contain a partially decomposed body, lying at a writing desk, covering a book in a language never seen by living eyes on this side of the world. Only the last entry was legible, flowing in a beauitful free-style script and signed by a “[[:boxle-dokle | Lord Songweaver]”.

Another door is concealed amongst the stone wall, and only the careful and trained eye is able to note how it opens.

Once opened, the door leads to The Passage of Jewels which appears to be the largest cavern an adventurer has ever seen. It is estimated to take the average person (though no average person has ever seen The Passage of Jewels) a good fifteen minutes to adjust to the brillance and staggering vision upon them. The walls, as far as the eye can see, are filled with brilliant colors of red, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange as what little light emits from the fire in the core of the world is reflected amongst the millions of geodes, exposed due to unknown, but unnatural, damage. The floor is full of geodes as well and ends about twenty feet into the cavern. Directly below the floor is another step of geodes, about two feet down and ten feet wide. This continues for 2,000 steps are so.

What lies at the bottom of the stairs is unknown. No one has ever made it to the bottom and returned to tell the tale. A millenia ago, the passage was sealed from the inside (for reasons uknown to anyone in Tyr or the surrounding areas) and little has been thought about it since. It’s study was given over to the historians and politicans who for a millenia would rally locals around its discovery and the untold riches that, inevitably and with no proof, waited to be found.

It’s legacy that lives on in old wives tales, usually regarding something called Shades of Light, a myth of figures invisible even in the colorful light of the Passage of Jewels. Told mostly as a story to scare children of too much curiosity, no one knows the true origin of the tale, or even the location of the mystical Passage.

::Update to Fifth Edition::
A group of adventurers were able to reach the bottom of The Passage of Jewels to discover a bizarre hallway of intense darkness, followed by blinding light. As of this edition, they have yet to return to tell of any further tales beyond the hallways existence. As to who the “Shades of Light” are, where the hallway leads, or what has happened to the party of adventurers is for another edition.

Passage of Jewels

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