T'ra Penitus

T’ra Penitus is the name given by Nomarians to the world that exists within the tunnels and caverns of the UnderDark. T’ra Penitus is home to many a-magical creature, creation and entity, and the world-destroying Tarrasque, a parting gift from the pantheon that was ousted over a million years ago. No one knows much about their leaving, other than the assumption that they left against their will, leaving behind a parting present.

T’ra Pentius, like the surface world, is divided into multiple sections, with most intelligent creatures using the Core (and lair of the Tarrasque) as the center.

There are literally thousands of entrances to T’ra Pentius, with each continent holding a few hundred at minimum. However, entrances are usually located within miles and miles of tunnels and caverns, making discovery difficult. Some continents and cities, like Tyr, have lost the knowledge of the UnderDark and its entrances, leaving it to old wives tales’ and conversations amongst local loremasters. The Passage of Jewels, located in the Face of Stone near Tyr, is an entrance whose location was lost in time, until recent actions forced its discovery.

T’ra Pentius is home to the Taugus clan of Dwarves, a sub-race that has patrolled T’ra Penitus for as long as humans have memory (or at least as long as humans have known about T’ra Penitus). It is also home to the Taugi’s mortal enemy, the Drow. Unlike many of the other creatures, both the Taugi & Drow have civiilzations that span the entirety of T’ra Penitus, each with huge underground cities of legend, having never been seen by anyone residing on the surface.

While the air can be musty, full of sulpher, and of decreasing amount the closer one gets to the core, there is enough circulating through to allow for normal (if not entirely comfortable) breathing.

While the Nomari are more familar with T’ra Penitus than any other human-based civiliazation (surface dwarves have special knowledge of T’ra Penitus (or the UnderDark depending on locale) due to their infrequent, but necessary contact with representatives of the Tuaga Clan), it is treated with high respect and access is severly limited to certain units of the Pax Nomari guard and those who have the means to pay for entry at approved portal sites.

T'ra Penitus

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