Roggi Knight-Beard

Leader of the Tuaga Clan of Dwarves


Str: 21
Con: 16
Dex: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 10

Roggi Knight-Beard is a younger leader of the Tuaga Clan, having made his mark in the continous war against the Drow. Known for his acts of bravery, not for his acts of diplomacy, Roggi Knight-Beard’s name stirs a moments hesitation when said in the language of the Drow. Patrolling T’ra Penitus in his golden plate amor, Roggi is famous in the UnderDark for his skills with a hammer and feats of unimaginable strength.

Roggi was born Roggus Knot-Beard, of a family line rich in heroes, but poor in lifespan. Forged in the fires of M’c Tuaga, the dwarven stronghold closest to the Core, Roggus spend his childhood fighting the creatures that called the Core home.

Roggi left M’C Tuaga for the stronghold of Wedinburh, the ancestoral home and governmental seat of power for the Tuaga clan. There he joined the Tuagan legion, honing his strength and fighting skill against the ever-increasing population of the Drow. It was at the legendary Battle of Mr’Scow (a drow outpost) where Roggus Knot-Beard became Roggi Knight-Beard (a change of family name is only allowed for those of legendary accomplishments) after he single-handedly sacked the city, killing over 250 Drow on his own.

Riding high from this victory, Roggi was appointed to Defender of the Tuagi, a position which carries mighty power and responsibiilty. Now, Roggi Knight-Beard leads a clan of 300 of the finest dwarven warriors in an effort to rid T’ra Penitus of its “Drow problem.”

Roggi Knight-Beard

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