Pax Nomari

Prologue - The Last Entry of Guppie

Diary of Private Josep "Guppie" P'tro

… death. The sight of the sinsiter marbled dragons that surround the Temple are of no comparison to the reailty of my existence now. How can the world survive against such a foe? Fear unlike I’ve ever known still grips my body, even days after. The long and arduous stairway seemed to be a mere sprint at the rate I moved. At least I am safe at the top.

Day 56

Too many days at this watch. No one knows about this entrance, yet for some unknown crime committed, I am forced to endure the punishment of boredom. My fears have numbed and all I am interested in now is some, any, sort of contact. All I have is this book, but words and ink do not quell my desire for conversation and voice. Maybe I’ll take another drink, seems to be the only thing that settles the rattling of my nerves.

Day 92

Apparently I am not alone down here. I have heard noises and seen the glint of fire light. I am hoping this is my relief party, waiting to climb the stairs and bring me the key. At last my lonely days and nights are over. At last someone is here to save me…maybe I should go down and help them up.

Day 93 (different handwriting)

The key is lost. The fish is dead. The trap has been set. The next eyes to read this are responsible for what happens and I hope you’ll enjoy the results as much as I will. While I will be long dead, the very thought of impending victory lends me strength. Thank you for your help and in return, I will give you this secret: Where might and braun fail, mind and wit always win. – Lord Songweaver



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