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Ocin The Recorder - Chronicle of Adventures - Chapter 2

The trials and tribulations of travel in T’ra Penitus are legendary in the annals of humans (the few annals that exist that is). Monsters and Demons of varied size and ferocity inhabit the UnderDark and routinely parole its caverns and tunnels in search of prey or challenge. I am able to continue my report solely due to the latter, or rather the lack of, presented by our adventurers.

After a few weeks of boring travel that saw moments of mind-numbing terror (like when Feebus, a 30 foot Fire Demon stepped over them on his way to cool off at the Core), the party found themselves with a dilemma. Diogenes’ aim was continuing to be a problem, exacerbated by his ocular restrictions. As if by some divine providence, the caravan of Dwarves caring for the feared Brim Dox Guld arrived with him in tow. A discussion took place amongst all attending and it was decided that, for the greater good, Dio would return with the Tuaga to work on his aim in dim-light situations (his Elven nature not withstanding).

So, with rest and relaxation a thing of the past, the party began its quest anew to find out what happened to the Tuaga outpost town of D’einburgh.

The Party So Far:

Brim Dox Guld A Tiefling Warlock held back by random flare-ups of kleptomania
Dake Throne A Human Bard attempting to find a place in the adventuring world again
Roggi Knight-Beard A Dwarven Knight with a perfect balance of courage and fear
Tir Sadi The stealthiest Elven Avenger around…just ask him

As the party began again its quest, Roggi pointed out that the quickest way to D’einburgh was through a stretch of tunnels that passed through the plane of Sh’Da, the realm of the underworld. With no foe in sight and a few weeks of mind-numbing boredom (not relieved at all by the few moments of mind-numbing terror), the party boldy proclaimed themselves ready to tackle anything ahead.

After a few hours of walking, Tir Sadi heard what sounded like chanting noises coming off a side tunnel. The party stopped to decide what to do. After a discussion with Roggi Knight-Beard (a dwarf who shares his races’ distaste for undead), in which he wanted to continue forth to find the missing outpost, the party decided to tuck tail and continue through Sh’Da.

After another uneventful hour of travelling, the gang found themselves in a long tunnel, with smoke billowing out of a small device attached to the cavern ceiling. Again a discussion ensued, and again, the brave band of warriors decided to flee the smoke, rather than attempt to disable or wait to see what further adventures to which the smoke device may have led. Perhaps Y’oc the Recorder will be fortunate enough to follow adventurers of such ilk, but for my crimes I suffer to extoll the virtues of the meek.

The party, having bravely traveled most of Sh’Da territory without unneccessary incident, continued forth towards D’einburgh. Their plans, however, were quickly tossed in the air, when it was discovered that for some, yet-to-be explained, reason Roggi Knight-Beard had lost his way. He led them to a cavern wall, claiming that a tunnel should exist where wall now appears. Backtracking to the last fork, the party attempted to go around the destruction only to find themselves in a small chamber, whose only door shimmered in darkness.

Following what is becoming routine, the party held a discussion to figure out if they should go through the door or follow the weeks long path that would take them a days walk around. It was fortunate, perhaps, that this cavern had recently seen some action, as there was scree aplenty. The reader may wonder why a collection of rocks would seem so important in this situation, but with their normal scout away learning how to not attack his friends with arrows, the party was at a loss to proceed. Enter Brim Dox Guld, a warlock of ever-growing power and magic.

Using techniques learned forging his magical powers deep in the prison copper mine known as Thay, Brim Dox Guld picked up a rather large sized pebble and flung it with all his might into the void. All he heard was a clunk of the rock hitting something and then silence again.

With the recon complete, Tir Sadi and Brim Dox Guld charged forth, weapons at the ready, through the door to whatever awaited on the other side. Dake reverted to his days in politics and decided to see where the chips lay before he ventured forth and Roggi stood still, paralyzed by confusion and the prospect of the undead.

A Recorder is bound to truthfully tell the story (even if allowances are made for slight commentary), and do so in a light worthy of the subject. I would love to record our heroes fighting triumphantly against a Skull Lord and his skeletal minions, with neither a care or worry. I would love to tell the tale of how Tir and Brim snuck into the underworld, skilfully overpowerd their foes and made instruments of the remaining bones. However, that is a rather difficult tale to tell considering as soon as the two brave adventurers entered the realm of Sh’Da they were ambushed by four quadra-armed scimitar-wiedling skeletons.

::Author’s Note:: (For the reader who desires completeness, may I recommend reading Nave the Recorder’s final chapter of Lukas – Skull Lord of Light and his eternal quest to bring hope to the undead. While it ends rather depressingly with his untimely death (and eventual re-unbirth), the final chapter begins with Lukas’ discovery of The Rune of Eternal Death (the only way to end the suffering of the undead by way of re-birth as a “lifer”), their intial surprise at a flying object suddenly hitting Bilas the Noble in the head and his subsequent collapse, the yelling of “look how sneaky I am” by a voice of Elven timbre and their ambush of the two odd looking “lifers” who murdered Bilas.)

The eventual decision was inevitable once our group of powerful adventurers were able to get their bearings. Accustomed to warming up before fighting something with the power of the Skull Lord, the adventurers had to take a beating before finally overcoming the odds.

Upon examination of the remaining bones, Brim found the Skull Lord’s staff and decided that what was good enough for an Undead, multi-faced, Lord of the Underworld was good enough for him. Meanwhile, the former councilman and Tir discussed the glowing Rune of unknown power.

“We should take this,” said Dake.
“Great idea,” replied Tir

At this point, they both followed the lightning quick exit of Roggi and the unashmed departure of Brim, staff in hand, leaving that chamber of the Underworld nothing but a dusty pile of bones and a glowing Rune of unknown power.

Upon return to the land of the living, Roggi Knight-Beard was pleased to find his senses return to him and led the party through the twists and turns of T’ra Penitus, eventually finding a very intact, but very barren D’einburgh.

Quickly discovering the cavern outpost was covered in a flaming red aura, the party searched for survivors to no avail. Their hunt did turn up the source of the aura as they noticed a small wooden box, hidden amongst the rubble. As they were examining it, it was noted by Tir Sadi that the flaming aura seemed to be growing smaller and specifically surrounding them.

Futile ideas always lead to futile results, and without a brave and intelligent rogue to rely on, the gang was forced to depend on each other for an answer. The best early attempt to disarm the trap involved Dake opening the lid to reveal a depressed button surrounded by fire. Attempts to push the button with the tip of his knife yeilded no results. At this point (and stay with me here), Brim Dox Guld thought it a good idea to pull out the unexamined staff, pilfered from the dead body of a Skull Lord while inside the realm of Sh’Da, and use it to poke at the button. As I’m not privy to all internal thoughts of those I record, I can only assume that this did not have the intended effect. That is, of course, unless he intended to reveal the staff’s location to those looking for it in the Underworld and summon a skeleton warrior to retreive it, which is exactly what happened.

While Brim struggled with his foe (invisible and harmless to anyone not physically touching the staff), the rest of the group noted a tall Minotaur and a slender human, both in military uniforms similar to that found near The Passage of Jewels.

The Minotaur (who was smiling, though that fact was lost on the adventurers who are uneducated in the finer points of Minotaur facial expressions) and Human (who was not smiling, a fact not lost on our adventurers) waited until the group had sprung free of the firey magical trap (though only by temporarily escaping its aura, not by actually disarming it) before commencing their attack.

The soliders did not seem to be plussed about a robed Tiefling flaling around with staff in hand, fighting off an invisible swarm of bees. In fact, it is unknown to this Recorder if they even registered when the Tiefling dropped unconcious, losing his grip on the staff in the process. They did not seem to notice these things because they were busy getting sneaked up on by Tir Sadi, who aided Dake and Roggi in quickly knocking their foes down and out. It was a major victory for the group and there was much rejoicing to be had.

After basking in their collective glory, the gang decided to attempt to disarm the trap without the distraction of the Underworld or extremely expressive Minotaurs. It took them awhile to turn over the wooden box and discover the carving of a water drop, leading to them eventually putting out the magical fire inside the box and pressing the button. Immediately, the box broke apart in their hand and the shrinking bubble was dis-spelled.

Two victories in a row were to lead to a third when the gang decided to interrogate the soldiers to learn more information. First, they approached the unconcious Minotaur, (who was dreaming of running through the Minotaurian Meadows) and fearing not his strength due to his recently severed spinal cord (courtesy of a vicious hammer blow by the mighty, not heighty knight), proceeded to have Tir Sadi heal the disabled soldier out of his slumber.

::Author’s Note:: (Quoted from the Sorcerers of the Forest Guide to Creatures, Real & Mythical: “There is no such thing as a disabled Minotaur. Attempts to interrogate a disabled Minotaur should refer to the previous sentence.” Apparently this was common enough practice to warrant advisement.)

As soon as the Minotaur’s eyes focused on the figure of Tir standing over him, he thrust forth his horns with all his might, ripping at the diminutive Elf’s torso. A mere second later, he eyes shut again, this time for good as the brave descendant of the noble house of Ruahd slit the defenseless Minotaur’s throat, silencing him forever. I would like to record the conversation that followed regarding the morality of reviving a severely wounded enemy (not restrained to be fair…sort of) only to sever his throat, but I can not…as it did not happen.

Finding their interrogation methods harsher than planned, the group turned to the human soldier, only to find he had vanished. Ten minutes, and much bumbling, bungling, tripping and falling, later, the gang returned the the chamber empty handed but assured to continue their quest to find D’einburgh.

As chance would have it, the gang found themselves in a cavern with four tunnels branching off. A search of each finally revealed to Tir a tiny peep hole within a cavern wall. When one looked inside, they could see the people of D’einburgh, happy and apparently unaware of the predicament they were in. True to form, a discussion began and the gang decided to re-search every room in case they could find another clue, perhaps larger than the one before them. Failing at that, they returned to the peephole where Dake noticed that the air around the peephole seemed to be directed towards it with some sort of magic. Using the best part of his dagger, Dake stuck it in the peephole, disconnecting the magic with its illusion, causing the whole wall to disappear.

It was revealed that the Dwarves of D’einburgh had recently been attacked by a Drow wizard who was holed up nearby. They had thought to have chased him off, but unbeknownst to them, he had his revenge.

Roggi, finding his quest continued on to the fortress of the Drow wizard, enlisted the aid of his fellow adventurers. They agreed, though after some discussion of leaving the Minotaur-crippling Dwarf to face the wizard alone.

With plans drawn and weapons sharpened, the gang decided to bravely face down any threat to the Tuagi outpost and try and nobly hunt down their AWOL prisoner at the same time.

-Ocin the Recorder
Year 1,000 of the Sixth Age of the Third Watch

Ocin the Recorder - Chronicles of Adventures - Chapter 1
Greater quests have had lesser starts...but not many

Greater quests have had lesser starts, but not many.

All it took was the right bribe to the right councilman to start the world on its path to salvation. For his thirty pieces of silver, the councilman would allow access to one of the most important senators in the city, which of course meant in the country too. For his treason, he would be tasked to figure out the location of The Passage of Jewels, for reasons deemed too important for a councilman to know.

An so, formerly known as Councilman Throne, Dake was forced to return to the path of an earlier life and hit the road. The only clue he found about The Passage of Jewels was its assumed location in a massive mountain range near the city of Tyr.

Finding himself once again amidst the taverns of the towns, Dake turned to his training in speaking to earn some coin along the way. It also was a great way to hear loose talk, which finally led him to the Loremaster of Tyr, SteveChet. After a long conversation, Dake realized that while the location was close at hand, traversing the dangerous Faces of Stone range was best faced with men of great skill and ambition.

After asking around Tyr (a city ripe with adventurers due to the approved and sanctioned treasure hunting in the caverns and dungeons nearby), Dake was told of a recently returned party that had seen some trouble and had decided to take some time and venture different paths. Two members still remained in Tyr, and with a skill set complimentary to his own, Dake decided to make his pitch. For a man used to the moans and complaints of an electorate, persuading two unemployed adventurers to do just that was a bit too easy a task.

And with that, one of the great quests of this age began. The cast of characters so far:

Dake – Former Bard turned former Councilman with a secret chained to his waist
Diogenese – A Ranger of amazing perception but perhaps over-stated aim
Gibus Melodic – A Dwarf Runepriest with a crisis of faith and identity

Three days later, the party found themselves deep within a random assortment of twisting tunnels, led forth by the simple direction from SteveChet, “Keep walking straight.”

Coming to an abrupt end, Dio immediately spotted a door, so well hidden it had failed to be discovered in the last 1,000 years. With the aid of Dake, Dio brushed aside the concealing rock to reveal a shimmering black semi-opaque door. After a brief discussion, the party opened the door, only to see it seal behind them. The perceptive Dio reached into his pocket in a moment of frightful forgetfullness and found a note with the words, “Beware the Shades of Light.” Conjecture and discussion led to the party to conclude that whatever the “Shades of Light” were, they could handle it.

The party found themselves in a chamber with only dresser, bed, writing desk, and a partially de-composed body. After the underqualified dwarf declared it to be around six months dead, the band looked at the diary. Seeing a writing they had never seen before, they decided the best course of option was to put it away for another day.

A search of the cupboard led to Dio’s discovery of an old uniform of military decoration, but no one knew to what government it belonged. After an exhaustive search, Dake decided to pull the book back out, only to defile it with the signature used to sign so many council measures in his past life. Once more, Dake returned it to his pack, only to pull the book out and search through it in a moment of divine inspiration. The last words of the book were written in the common tongue, in a script both delicate and powerful and signed by an unknown noble.

Another thorough inspection of the room led to a door, perfectly defined and perfectly hidden in the random rock patterned wall. Dake realized that some doors needed to be pushed rather than pulled, and with that, the party had found The Passage of Jewels.

The party was awestruck at the sight in front of them. The brilliance of light, coupled with their recent lack of rest, led the group to stay the night in the small chamber with a partially de-composed dead guy of uknown origin or background.

After an extended rest, the party felt ready to tackle the 2,000 plus glowing “steps” that made up The Passage of Jewels. The descent took nearly all day and ended abruptly into a hallway of curious design. The first thirty feet was enveloped in a dark fog that would have been oppressive if it weren’t for the bright, white shining light that eminated from somewhere further down the way. Deciding discretion was the worst part of valor, the party charged headfirst into the darkness, only to discover that they were in a bright hall, lit by some unknown source, reflected off the hundreds and hundres of armor and weapons that ardorned the walls.

The adventurers had only a few seconds to process this information before Dio noticed a flickering shadow out of the corner of his eye. This shadow, amongst all the light, may have raised awareness in one of the adventurers heads, but that fact is lost to history as they barely had a chance to respond to the ambush. Within 24 seconds, every party member had hit the ground, the victim of a well placed dart.

Dake, Dio, and the Gibus awoke to find themselves stripped of everything (including their dignity) with their hands bound by rope. Finding themselves captives with Drow guards, the party was told to lead a train of prisoners and guards through a series of tunnels in an attempt to explore some newly formed tunnels. When the prisoners finally reached the tunnel opening, the trio was told to adventure forth and return when something of value was found. In only a moment, despite his vulnerabilty, Dake employed his masterful tongue and secured the release of their bindings to aid in their discovery.

The gang trouped down nearly 700 feet of a large, unnatural tunnel before it turned abruptly to the right. The tunnel immediately opened into a large cavern, filled with over two hundred dwarves in battle armor, a tiefling and elf being tended to in a corner, a commanding black human in cleric garb and the giant-sized aura of a halflingPesci.

Overcoming their intial shock, the gang was told of Jamaal and Pesci’s adventures to rid themselves of the curse picked up on their last adventure and how they came to find another entrance to the UnderDark and happened across a Dwarven warparty of the Tuaga Clan. After joining forces to free Brim Dox Guld and Tir Sadi from a Drow torture camp, Jammal, Pesci, the dwarven warparty leader, Roggi Knight-Beard and the rest of the dwarven army decided to join forces and attack a much larger prison further toward the core.

A short converstion, which probably could have been shorter, later, Dake had convinced the Drow guards that something of value was found down the tunnel, leading the guards into a massacre. Much drink and joyous celebration later, plans were made for the future.

Jamaal Schmone and Pesci would continue to follow Jamaal’s destiny as the Freer of People, the Great Liberator. Gibus Melodic, intrigued at the possibilities of arcane knowledge in the UnderDark decided to stay with the Tuaga clan to assist and explore. Brim Dox Guld was still suffering from the after effects of a most brutal and violating torture and the Tuagi warparty agreed to take him into their care until such time he was able to get back on his hooves. A small group of Dwarves would deliver him to the adventuring party as soon as they could.

Roggi Knight-Beard, in search of a more mobile and powerful group to join to help defeat the forces of evil, gathered up the remaining adventurers for a trip through the core to the otherside of the world, where a Tuagi oupost had not been heard of for some time.

The Party now:

Dake – A Human Bard with untapped persuasive skills
Dio – An Elven Ranger in need of a scope for his bow
Tir Sadi – An Elven Avenger of many actions and few words
Roggi Knight-Beard – A Dwarven Knight of might, not height

A week after parting ways with the Dwarves, the party came face to blur with the scariest sight they had ever seen. A full fifteen minutes after watching the world’s scariest creature tunnel its way through the solid rock of T’ra Penitus, the party was badly shaken as it continued in the opposite direction from the Tarrasque, only to come face to face with a Drow scout party, also escaping the rampaging beast.

The first pitched battle between Good & Evil occured in a large Tarrasque-shaped cavern, where the party members faced an equal number of Drow warriors. The battle was over in short order as Tir Sadi was able to overcome his opponent and start assisting others. Dio continued his missing ways, as Dake got his first taste of action as a former councilman, unleashing his vicious chain attack on his Drow opponent. After a slow start the party was able to defeat all foes, necessitating a thorough search, clean-up and of course…rest.

With rest and renewed vigor, the gang set out to travel towards the Tuagi outpost of D’einburgh, of which there has been no word for some time.

With that, I end this chapter of their lives, to be picked up when I have something more important to write than the three S’s that compose their standard day of travel through the barren tunnels of T’ra Penitus.

-Ocin the Recorder
Year 1,000 of the Sixth Age of the Third Watch

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Prologue - The Last Entry of Guppie
Diary of Private Josep "Guppie" P'tro

… death. The sight of the sinsiter marbled dragons that surround the Temple are of no comparison to the reailty of my existence now. How can the world survive against such a foe? Fear unlike I’ve ever known still grips my body, even days after. The long and arduous stairway seemed to be a mere sprint at the rate I moved. At least I am safe at the top.

Day 56

Too many days at this watch. No one knows about this entrance, yet for some unknown crime committed, I am forced to endure the punishment of boredom. My fears have numbed and all I am interested in now is some, any, sort of contact. All I have is this book, but words and ink do not quell my desire for conversation and voice. Maybe I’ll take another drink, seems to be the only thing that settles the rattling of my nerves.

Day 92

Apparently I am not alone down here. I have heard noises and seen the glint of fire light. I am hoping this is my relief party, waiting to climb the stairs and bring me the key. At last my lonely days and nights are over. At last someone is here to save me…maybe I should go down and help them up.

Day 93 (different handwriting)

The key is lost. The fish is dead. The trap has been set. The next eyes to read this are responsible for what happens and I hope you’ll enjoy the results as much as I will. While I will be long dead, the very thought of impending victory lends me strength. Thank you for your help and in return, I will give you this secret: Where might and braun fail, mind and wit always win. – Lord Songweaver


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